At Blue Zenith, one of the very first design elements that we decide upon is the color scheme. For any good website, the color scheme really matters. Think about a poplar brand that you like. Can you imagine that brand with a different color in their logo? Colors communicate a number of different messages, such as emotion, attitude, and professionalism. If your colors don’t match the message you are trying to get across, you could be communicating a whole different message without you realizing it.

This month’s picture comes from Madrid, Spain, specifically from Parque Del Retiro. The image was taken in January 2011 and captures through its colors and shades the essence of Spain’s beautiful landscapes and colorful personalities.

Color Palettes: Spanish Flowers from Parque Del Retiro in Madrid

The colors in the image above are listed below in both hex and RGB formats. The Dark color (the color sliver at the top of each color square) is listed on the left while the main color block is listed on the right.

Dark Green:

  • #43670D
  • R:67 G:103 B:13

Dark Brown:

  • #3A2302
  • R:58 G:35 B:2


  • #BA670F
  • R:186 G:103 B:15


  • #550823
  • R:85 G:8 B:35

Lighter Green:

  • #6F9E27
  • R:11 G:158 B:39

Lighter Brown:

  • #593705
  • R:89 G:55 B:5

Cream Orange:

  • #DD9244
  • R:221 G:146 B:68


  • #821A3F
  • R:130 G:26 B:63