I Need A Mobile Website, But I Still Have So Many Questions…

If you are the owner or manager of a small company or organization, you have a lot on your plate. When you are juggling everything from employees to bookkeeping to logistics, the last thing you need is another complicated project like designing another website for your business.

Here at Blue Zenith we know that many small business owners are self-starters and do-it-yourself specialists. In fact, Blue Zenith is one of those many self-started businesses, and we would be happy to work with you to develop a mobile website for your company or organization. But whether you want to learn how to build a mobile website yourself or if you just want to learn more before you consult with us, Google has a fantastic catalogue of information and resources to help you along your way.

Google Think Insights

Their free to use library of information is called Google’s Think Insights, and here you can find a multitude of resources to answer your questions about mobile websites. This resource includes articles and tools that will both educate and assist you in creating an optimal mobile website for your company or organization.

A Brief background

The original name of this website was “HowToGoMo”, and the original domain at will now redirect you to the updates and expanded collection of articles and tools at Google’s Think Insights. The new website has a lengthier name: “Make Your Website Work Across Multiple Devices.” You may notice that Google does not just use the term “mobile website”, opting instead to use terms like “multi-screen” and “multi-device.” While these terms may confuse some novices, it is a good idea to be aware of the variety of devices that your customers use, as it is more than just mobile smartphones.

Where Do I Begin?

Google’s service provides a multitude of information to help you get on your way, and to start, here are a few examples of the information that it provides. First, Google has an article entitled, “How to Approach Multi-Device Sites for Your Business?” This article provides a great introduction to what works and what doesn’t work in a mobile website and a quick rundown on what should and shouldn’t be included when you are planning and building yours.

Analyze your existing website

Next, a short article entitled, “Speed Matters: Is Your Site Optimized for Mobile?” provides a brief introduction to one of the more valuable tools in this collection: Google’s PageSpeed Insights, which is part of the Google Developers service. This handy tool will quickly analyze your existing desktop website and suggest ways that it can be optimized and streamlined for mobile devices. Once you have built a mobile website, you can revisit this tool to test it as well.

Construction and Design

Finally, Google offers additional articles and tools that will assist you in building and designing your mobile website, including real-world examples of business websites with great adaptive user experiences and a powerful Mobile Calculator that will assist you in analyzing your customers’ mobile use and habits. Outside of this Think Insights collection, Google also offers a wider selection of collections, articles and tools that are tagged with the keyword “mobile”. This expanded list also includes profiles of effective marketing campaigns, business profiles and other useful resources for business professionals.

To Infinity…

And of course, there is much more out there then what we have listed. We encourage you to go seek out any and all the information that you need in order for you to create the best fitting mobile website for your company. No matter what you may need to know, Google Think Insights has the articles and tools available for you that make designing and testing a mobile website faster and easier, especially for novices.