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What Is eCommerce?

Simply put, eCommerce (also spelled E-commerce) is the buying and selling of goods and services over an electronic network, most notably the Internet. Therefore an eCommerce site is a website that facilitates the buying and selling of goods.

That Sounds Simple And Straightforward. Why Do I Need A Premium eCommerce Site from Blue Zenith?

It is very, very likely that you have visited a physical retail store at some point in your life. Chances are that you visit a retail store at least once a week. In fact, it is safe to say that the average American has probably visited hundreds of retail stores throughout their lifetime. These stores range from gas stations to grocery chains to department stores to “big box” and warehouse retailers.

Think about the stores you frequent that make shopping a pleasant and convenient experience. Aside from discounted prices, sales and promotions, what are the factors that make these retail stores great? Are the stores well-lit? Are they clean? Are the various sections of the sales floor and the aisles clearly marked? Is the merchandise displayed in an orderly fashion and are the prices clearly marked? Is there always at least one employee available on the sale floor to answer your questions or assist you in other ways? Are there enough checkers manning the cash registers?

Turning Physical Shopping Into Web Shopping

Believe it or not, all of the factors that make shopping at a physical retail store a pleasant and convenient experience directly correlate to a virtual store on the Internet. When you shop online, do you seek out shopping websites that are well-designed and aesthetically pleasing? Do these sites make it easy to search and find the specific product or service you want or need? Do search results return an accurate selection of products or services? Are the prices, shipping, and fees clearly marketed at checkout? Were there links to virtual assistants or customer service contacts if you have any questions? Did the site load and render pages quickly and accurately?

The Better The Site, The Better The Outcome

Now you can see how important it is to have the right eCommerce platform powering your online store. Customers, whether shopping in physical stores or virtual ones, often use the same criteria to determine whether or not to make a purchase and whether or not to return to the same store to shop in the future. If your eCommerce website is poorly-designed and your eCommerce platform makes virtual shopping a confusing, unpleasant and/or frustrating experience, many of your customers will choose to shop somewhere else and never return.

Back-end Services

In addition to providing a great virtual storefront, it is equally important to have strong, reliable and robust back-end services as well. Bigcommerce, Blue Zenith’s premier eCommerce provider, offers a wide selection of back-end services that assist you in managing your business as well as advertising and marketing your products and services online. Not only will your customers and potential customers more easily find your eCommerce website through search engines and other advertising platforms, Bigcommerce will assist you in completing, processing and shipping or delivering their order in an accurate and timely fashion. And at the end of the month or quarter, Bigcommerce works directly with Quickbooks to ensure that your records and bookkeeping are accurate and organized.

We Can Help!

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