Why Is The Title So Important?

Your post title is one of the first things that someone sees when finding your blog. Whether the post is shown in the Search Engine Results page or someone goes directly to your blog website, the title is the number one thing that will either captivate someone to continue to read – or fall flat and your potential reader will move on to something else. So, no wonder your blog titles should be carefully thought out and researched to ensure your blog title will not only captivate your readers – but provide the best results from the search engines.

What Is SEO?

SEO directly determines a website’s popularity and accessibility through search engine results for the majority of Internet users. If your content is SEO-optimized, you will improve your search engine rankings and more potential readers will find your blog. The more readers you acquire, the more potential customers you bring to your blog and website. As you can see, SEO is crucial to making your business blog a successful asset for your business.

So How Do I Create Optimized Post Titles?

Your post titles need to be a short summary of your blog post. It needs to directly answer or address something that someone is looking for. If you know your customers, you know their struggles. Your post titles should directly address the questions that your visitors are asking. So, how do you get an understanding of what your visitors are looking for?

Google’s Keyword Tool is a great “tool” for quickly and easily creating optimized post titles. In just a few minutes you can see how many times a given phrase was Google searched, including both local and national data, as well as variations of the given phrase. Choosing the best phrase that addresses the needs of your target market to use as your post title will greatly increase the optimization of your blog post.

Great! SEO Will Now Turn My New Blog Into An Overnight Sensation!

Many people new to SEO optimization believe that it instantly provides a shortcut to larger audiences and better search engine rankings. Unfortunately, there are no legitimate SEO shortcuts. You still have to invest time and effort into consistently crafting interesting and meaningful content. Even with SEO optimization, your blog will need time to organically grow an audience and advance in search rankings.

If a SEO “expert” promises to provide SEO shortcuts, be advised that you may be engaging in “black hat” SEO methods. These methods can potentially risk you and your company’s reputation with the major search engine companies. Search engine algorithms are the “brains” behind search engines and are constantly being adjusted and tweaked to thwart these shortcuts – if discovered, your website and blog may disappear or dramatically drop in search engine rankings.

Be consistent, be patient and focus on producing the best content you can for your readers. Add optimized post titles to better your chances of your posts being found – and to draw your readers into your blog. With a little bit of time and work – your blog will soon be attracting new readers and potentially new customers for your business!