Business Blogging:  How Often Should I Blog?

Should I Blog Five Times a Day or Once a Year?

Believe it or not, the frequency of blog updates can sometimes make or break a blog; it can be just as important as the quality of the content. If you blog too often, readers will disregard your blog because they feel overwhelmed by the amount of content, confused by a lack of focus or frustrated with rushed, inferior content. If you blog too rarely, readers will disregard your blog because you aren’t providing enough new content to justify their time and effort. If you neglect your blog for long periods of time, many readers will simply assume that it has joined the vast number of abandoned blogs that still litter the web and never return.

So, How Often Should I Blog?

For most business blogs, two updates per week is the optimal number. Your readers will check back frequently for new content, yet at the same time you will not be overwhelming them or yourself with too much new content. If you simply don’t have the time to produce two updates per week, one update per week may also be sufficient.

Of course, one-size-fits-all solutions are rarely that. If your business is part of a rapidly-changing industry, blogging more often may be necessary to stay ahead. If your business is part of a conservative, more stable industry, blogging less often may result in better, more focused content. It is inadvisable to post less than once a month.

If you are interested in how popular and accessible you are on search engines such as Google, it is important to frequently update your blog with new content. While Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a vastly complicated and often uncertain endeavor, it is widely known that frequently-updated sites like blogs require, well, frequent updates in order to stay relevant in search rankings.

This Sounds Like A Lot Of Writing! What If I Run Out of Topics?

If you are finding it increasingly difficult to think of new blog topics, you may find it beneficial to blog less often. Sometimes you will find yourself with literally nothing to say or report to your readers, and during those times it is usually better to write nothing than to post content that is inferior or filler.

Even though you are writing a business blog, there is no rule that states you can only post business-oriented content. Many business blogs find it beneficial to break away from purely practical topics and post content that is humorous, enlightening, or simply whimsical. However, it is crucial that you not post material that your readers may find offensive. Ask yourself, “Would this be an appropriate topic of discussion on a sales floor, at a professional conference or a business lunch?” If the answer is no or even if you are uncertain, it would be best to disregard that content completely.

If you are blogging on your own, seek out a trusted co-worker or friend and ask for assistance. It can often be very beneficial to introduce a different perspective to your process. Sometimes a fresh idea or a constructive critique is all you need to jump-start your blog and re-engage your customers.