You Did It!

You took the leap and started your own business. You wanted to be your own boss and now you are the boss! You have a team of employees, a loyal customer base, and a plan to continue growing. It’s time to reach out and engage your existing customers and attract new ones, but what’s the best way to accomplish that? Billboards restrict you to just a few words, television advertising is expensive and advertising on the Internet can be confusing as well as expensive. What should you do?
Set up a blog, of course!

What is a Blog?

Blogging, or writing for a weblog, is a prominent form of publishing on the Internet. By regularly posting short and informative articles to a website, you can attract an audience of readers that quickly become customers, sales leads, and even future partners! Within the relatively-short history of the Internet and World Wide Web, blogging isn’t new; the term weblog was first coined in 1997. Blogging has since grown in popularity and is still the most robust and versatile form of web publishing.

Do I Need A Blog?

I already have Facebook and Twitter accounts for my business and I’m already posting updates. Why do I need a blog?”

Facebook, Twitter, and other less-prominent social media sites like Tumblr and Instagram are popular new tools for communicating on the Internet. Your business should engage and attract customers through those services, but do you sometimes feel like you’re restricted and boxed in when using a third-party service or site? Shouldn’t you be bringing your audience back to your own website, instead of engaging them somewhere else? Do you feel constricted by a 140-character limit? Do you wince when you notice a social media company is profiting from advertisements posted alongside your content? What if they posted a competitor’s advertisement next to your content?

You already have a website or you are in the process of building one. You have contracted the services of a company like Blue Zenith to build an attractive and powerful home for your business online. With a blog hosted on your new or existing website, you and your business now have complete control over your content! There are no limits to what you can post, how many characters or words you use, and if you choose to post an advertisement next to your post, you profit from that advertisement! You can then utilize your social media accounts to direct friends and followers back to your content hosted on your own website!

How Expensive Will It Be?

Blogging is not expensive at all! You already own an Internet domain for your business, and that domain is versatile enough that you can easily create a website such as “” or “” with no additional registration fees. In addition, the most popular blogging platform on the Internet requires no additional licensing fee! WordPress is powerful, extremely versatile, and flexible enough to do almost anything you could imagine!

Contact us today to get started! We’ll be happy to suggest the best ways to integrate your new blog with your website and get you started with blogging!