Tips to creating good video on your websiteSo, you’d like to add video to your website.  There are so many creative ways you can use video to enhance your website content.

Video testimonials.

Bring your testimonials to life! Add a library of video testimonials where your clients can talk about your services and how your company helped them. This can be a much more powerful medium than just words on your web page.

How-to Videos

You know a picture is worth a thousand words. And a good video can get to the point even quicker. Use video to demonstrate how your products work – from the basics to advanced. Be creative!

Video blog

Grow your brand awareness and establish yourself as the industry expert. Provide an ongoing video blog to talk to your online followers about industry related topics. Once a week or once a month – your video will personalize your business to your followers.

Screen capture tutorials

Do you have a membership based website? Or maybe your clients need help periodically with online tools. Build a library of simple screen capture videos to guide your visitors through the process. There are so many screen capture software tools out there. Find one that you like and create a video library to help your clients.

Make it happen.

Once you’ve decided how to use video, you’ll now need to make sure you create an easy process to keep that in your work flow. Decide how often you want to create a video. If you decide to create a video library of how-to videos, then create a calendar to keep yourself on task, prioritizing what you want to create. Adding video can be daunting, but once you get a process in place that makes it easy, you’ll be much more likely to stick to that and make sure it happens.

Create a YouTube company channel.

Use this to upload your video into. YouTube is the second most used search engine to find information. Make sure you tag your videos with the keywords in a description of what your video is about. And don’t forget to brand your YouTube video with your website URL and logo.

Utilize SEO to your advantage.

So how do you educate Google on your video content? Google indexes words. This is why tagging your YouTube videos with the correct keywords and phrases is so important. Provide a title that is descriptive and informative. I’ve seen trending on websites, to include a full transcript of the video content on the web page that embeds the video. This is done with two goals in mind: to provide Google a means to knowing how to index the web page – and in turn the video embedded onto the page; and to provide the web user another way to browse through the content to learn more about the video – without having to watch the entire video.

Announce your video.

Use your social media platforms to gain followers. Your video library can be reused to foster new conversations on your social media platforms. If you’ve got a good story to tell and a video that can enhance it, use the two together to grow your fan base.

Make your video easy to find.

Once you’ve created your video library, the next step is getting those video found by your visitors. Analyze your website as to where makes the most sense to provide those links. Then, make sure you prominently display your videos on your appropriate web pages.

Another way to grow your brand.

Videos provide another way to grow your brand awareness, demonstrate your industry knowledge, and provide a means for visitors to find your services. By setting goals, building a plan, and executing that, you can provide a service to your clients and a powerful tool to be used for getting found on the internet.