Google Places and Google+ Business Page

If you have a local business that provides services to your public, it is worthwhile to get your business connected through the many Google services. There are two services that I’ll be walking you through today: Google Places and Google+ for your business.

When you search for services, sometimes a Google map is shown in your results with multiple pins in it – where each pin designates a different business. Beside the map are the business names, addresses, phone numbers and website information. How do you get your business connected to that service? That is the Google Places service.

Google Places Directory page

Here’s the link to get started with your Google Places directory page.

By clicking the button to get started, you’ll be directed through the process. To build your business profile, you’ll need to enter your:

  • Business name,
  • Address,
  • Phone number,
  • Location of where you serve and
  • Properly categorize your business products and services

If you work from home, you may choose to hide your address from the public, but Google needs a valid mailing address to complete the profile.

Once completed, you’ll be directed through the verification process, which means that Google will send you a postcard with a verification code on it. You’ll need to wait for the postcard and code to arrive.

With the code in hand, log back into your Places account and enter the code to complete the verification process. Don’t expect your Google page to display immediately, as Google needs to review the listing before it goes public.

Periodically check the listing for the Google review to be completed before continuing. Once your Google Places page is verified and public, you’ll be able to connect that Places page to a Google+ local business page.

Google+ Business Page

Here’s the link to get your Google+ Business page started

If you have a local business, begin a local business Google+ page. With your local Google Places page completed, you can connect your Google+ business page with your Google Places page using the business phone number. Enter the same business information to create your Google+ business page.  When completed, you’ll be asked to verify the business – and again need to go through the verification process by postcard.

Once you’re done with this second round of verification and connection, you’ll now have two business profiles – your Google Places page – which is the page that shows with the Google map during visitor searches – and your Google+ business page.

So why do you need both pages?  One page is your directory listing – it shows current information to the visitor on where your business is located, how to contact you, and any current specials. Think of that as your business directory listing. Your Google+ business page becomes your business feed – where you can announce what your business is doing, share pictures, and show the social aspect of your business to stay in touch with your customers.

Both pages complement each other and offer you different ways to serve those looking for your services. Whether they need immediate driving directions, your current hours, or if they want to learn more about your company and services, Google provides these business listings to enhance your business and provide a way for your business to be found.

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