Your company fan page

Although Facebook is used as a personal forum for so many of us, there are a few differences in using Facebook for business. Facebook Graph Search was recently announced as a new service. It allows you do a keyword search within the content of your Facebook friends. This can help you locate recommendations and posts on particular topics, services, and products. How can you take advantage for your business? Here are some suggestions:

Double-check your company profile

Make sure your company information is up-to-date, complete and accurate. Make sure you include the address, hours of operation, and contact information. Be sure that you’ve listed your business category correctly. It sounds so simple, but it can potentially bring big benefits when the full search feature is rolled out.

Choose a vanity URL

Did you know that you can create your own Facebook vanity URL? Just go to your fan page admin section and choose update info. One of the settings on this page allows you to select a username (Facebook’s name for a vanity URL). Facebook places restrictions on making changes to your username once you’ve set it. Make sure you choose the right name with the right spelling. That is how you get your own business fan page URL (like mine –

Feature engaging photos

Your timeline and profile picture should tell a story about your business. Use photos that tell something about your brand and your story.

Invite your friends

Now that you’ve gotten your fan page up, what’s next? Get started building your fan base by using the Facebook invite tool to invite your friends to like your fan page. Your company posts will then be displayed in your follower’s news feeds.

How do you get in front of their friends? That comes from the power of share. Provide a post that resonates with your followers, and the ultimate gratitude they can provide is a share. Sharing it out on their wall displays the post to their friends. This reward is reserved for those who truly connect with their followers!

Keep the conversation going

Periodically check your fan page for updates. Make sure that you take the time to respond to comments on your fan page. It is critical that your brand promise and values are reflected on your fan page.

Periodically review your Facebook Insights

Facebook fan pages Administrators have access to a useful tool called Insights. Visitor engagement is charted for you to see how many people engaged with your fan page, including the dates of engagement. This can be most useful in analyzing which posts reached the most people and which posts were ignored. Use this data to tailor your Facebook social marketing campaign to provide more of what engages your public.

Facebook is a great tool to start with when building your brand social media pages. I hope that these tips help you get started.