Web Design Tips for Informational Websites

Web Design Tips

What functions do you need your website to perform when its ultimate goal is to deliver information? Information-focused websites need to focus on a few main points to be effective.

1. Know what you intend to accomplish

The strength of an information-focused website lies in the organization of the content. You need to be sure of the website’s intended purpose. What goals are you trying to accomplish? What is the main focus of the website? You need to know what your visitors deem important in order to focus on the most relevant issues.


The purpose of the website must be communicated immediately to your visitors.

2. Make a lasting first impression

Information-focused websites need to be clear. If your business name and logo do not clearly identify your niche, make sure that your tagline succinctly states your focus. You can use the menu bar to further distinguish and organize your message.


  • Utilize a business tagline to pinpoint your focus
  • Ensure the menu bar is well-organized to provide focus to your message

3. Focus on the content

Information-focused websites need to place focus on the content and usability of the website. The message should not be diluted by superlatives or decorations. All design elements should place emphasis on the content. Adding unnecessary elements detract from message delivery.


Keep the design simple.

4. Prioritize

It’s important that your content is organized and structured in a way that makes sense. If your website is meant to inform your visitors, the items should be presented in priority order. It is also best to format the content so that they can scan through it quickly to find what they are looking for. Utilize ‘Learn More’ buttons for sections that warrant more detail.


Spend time to organize and prioritize the content.

5. Don’t make your website an e-book

When you read a book, you likely read all the words on a given page. Website visitors rarely if ever read all of the content in front of them. The information you wish to share needs to be broken down into short excerpts in lists or short paragraphs. You should use headlines and section headings to create visual interest with added space between blocks of text. Colored sections of text and themed icons can help draw attention to important information.


Use web design features to deliver and add emphasis to your message.

6. Be Consistent

Have you taken care to have your business cards, logo, brochures and website all match? Do they all communicate the same message to your target market? Have you kept all of them up-to-date as your business has evolved? It is very important to review your website at least every six months and revise it as necessary to maintain consistency on all fronts.


Make sure you’re delivering a consistent message across all marketing channels.