Targeted Web Design

To be effective, a website must communicate a clear message that includes valuable decision-making information and a compelling call-to-action. This message should demonstrate that you understand the problems faced by your target market. The call to action provides sound guidance and spells out the necessary steps needed to resolve their problems with your help.

Understanding your target market gives your marketing the focus it needs. It provides guidance to the visuals, color and messaging to create an effective web site.”

Form a connection

The most successful websites use this message to form a connection with their visitors. When you have articulated your understanding of their problems and you have demonstrated the value of your offerings, you are more likely to convert a web site visitor into a paying client.

Tailor your presentation

Would you give the same presentation to a group of high school seniors as you would a group of Wall Street stock brokers? Certainly not. Successful salespeople always taper their sales pitch to appeal to a specific audience. Each group identifies with a different set of benefits in your offerings and when you taper your presentation to their specific needs, you are more likely to close a sale.

If we know that this is true for in-person communication, it makes sense to continue developing this tailored presentation on your company website. By reflecting on the nuances of successful sales through problem resolution, your website will function as an effective sales tool.

Understanding your target market

Why in the world would anyone buy what you’re selling? What benefits do you provide? Who are your buyers? Got that? Now, dig deeper. What do your buyers have in common? What problems has your business solved? What made it successful? The answers to these questions provide the characteristics of your target market; they reveal the value that you provide to your clients and define their motives. When building a website, this information is critical; it guides the design process and ensures that the content forms a connection with your potential clients.

Resonating with your audience

What commercials do you remember? Which are most effective? The ones you cannot forget stick with you because you identify with the message, causing them to resonate. It is more than the tune; it is the images, the colors, and the products or services. You could relate to their messages. You need to create the same chemistry through your website. Once you have identified your target market, the message and imagery should be tailored to appeal to them.

Sink or swim

If you ignore this crucial reality and fail to communicate what benefits your buyers will gain by using your problem, and which problems you can solve, you might take the stack of bills that represents your marketing budget and toss it out the window.

The fact of the matter is, when you speaking ‘in general’ you speak to no one. You must demonstrate the value of your offerings in order to engage your readers.

Understanding the characteristics of your target market gives your marketing tools the focus they require. It provides guidance to the visuals, colors, and content to maximize effectiveness. When you tailor your website to your target market and clearly communicate the benefits you provide and the problems you help solve, you dramatically your website’s potential for success.