Let’s take a moment to look closely at one example of excellent brand management. TLC Meals on Wheels is a non-profit organization that provides hot lunches to elderly and disabled people for a mere cost of $20 a week. The organization is run by more than 500 volunteers working in concert to prepare and deliver these meals to people who may not be able to live independently without them.

With such an honorable mission, ensuring the success is of high importance. How effective is their marketing?

  1. Unified Brand Presence – TLC Meals on Wheels has done an excellent job of maintaining a consistent look and feel to all of its marketing materials. The most extensive design elements and content are presented through their website which uses a consistent color scheme throughout.

    For example, on the website, the heart that appears in the logo is repeated in the call-to-action tabs which are prominently placed at the top of the page. This draws the eye all the way across and forces the visitor to briefly focus on their labels.

  2. Defined Audience  – Throughout its FaceBook page, brochure and website, TLC Meals on Wheels’ is addressing the same audience. They educate potential donors and/or volunteers about the nature of their important work and their specific needs and they provide valuable information to potential meal recipients about the program.

    For example, the photographs that show people accepting their meals are posted on FaceBook as well as on the website, reinforcing a strong connection with the intended audience.

  3. Clear Message  – The concept is simple and the message is easy to understand. Visitors to the web site or FaceBook page as well as people who receive the brochure will understand that TLC Meals on Wheels delivers homemade hot meals to disadvantaged individuals at little or no cost to them. There are several places that provide instructions and forms for applying for the meals. It will also be understood that the organization exists with the assistance of monetary and in-kind donations in combination with the help of more than 500 volunteers who serve in a variety of roles.

    Another remarkable accomplishment is the abundance of contact information throughout TLC Meals on Wheels’ marketing materials. There is repeated prominent placement of the phone number, web site address, email and even the address and hours of the organization.

There is no doubt that these extremely effective marketing pieces successfully communicate the goals and accomplishments of this important organization. They have carefully planned out their strategy and executed it with excellence. Bravo!