In every parenting book, there is one theme you are sure to find – be consistent and follow through. The idea is that children feel safe in the knowledge that the same actions bring the same consequences, whether good or bad.

Well, I’m sorry to tell you but adults work the same way. If we consistently get good service, or cold food, or a great price, we won’t forget it. We develop a loyalty or a dislike for a brand based on our experience.

This is why being consistent in all areas of your business is critically important. Each of your marketing tools should be like fingers of a hand.


Once you develop a name for your business, you should have a graphic representation of it that is used on all forms of communication. The color scheme and overall look that you choose should be consistent throughout all elements that carry your company name.


It is important to know the defining characteristics of the people who will potentially purchase your product or service. You need to understand their lifestyles, their problems, and their hopes and desires in order to interest them with your offerings.


Once you have an understanding of your audience, you can determine how your product or service benefits them. You should maintain consistency in the messages that you use when communicating with the public. Think about it: “Choosy mothers choose Jif.” The most effective marketing messages are succinct and become embedded in our memories forever.


Another aspect to consider is consistency in your offerings. When you go to Country Buffet, you know what to expect. Your product or service should be the same. When a customer returns to you, they should get the same level of quality, selection and service that they enjoyed before, if not better. This will also encourage them to spread the word, which is the most effective advertising possible.

Desired Response

In addition to being consistent in all the different ways you communicate with your audience, it is also important to be consistent in what you expect from them. If you implement a social media campaign and offer prizes for the 100th comment to a Facebook post, or offer ‘limited time only’ coupons or specials on your web site every Tuesday, you create an expectation for your customer interaction. Whatever tools you use, use them consistently.

These five elements function as the fingers of a hand — your brand essence. Like a child understands what to expect at home, your customers will feel secure when they see a consistent message conveyed; they come to know and trust the personality of your brand. Maintaining this consistency is among the most important factors of your potential for success.