Last year, I shared some ideas about how to blog effectively Blogging Tips.  I’d like to continue along that theme, but zero in on blog promotion—different ways to publicize your blog and develop followers who will see you for what you are:  a true expert in your field!

Let’s highlight some of these blog promotion ideas in no particular order.

  1. Help the search engines find your blog.  Write consistently about interesting topics that you know something about. Listen to your clients and address the interests, questions, and concerns they’ve expressed to you. Suffice it to say that good, focused website and blog content, along with frequent blog postings and reader interaction, will help you get ranked higher on Google and other search engines.
  2. Submit your blog posts to one or more blog search engines.  There are many services that monitor blog posts and changes. When you update a blog, you’ll need to tell these services that you’ve just submitted new content. This is done automatically when your blog is hosted on WordPress technology – assuming you turned that feature on in the WordPress settings. You can also use Technorati—this is one of the best known blog search engines and it monitors blogs from all over the world.  Just go to and claim your blog—it’s easy to use and it’s free.
  3. Announce your blog posts on your social media business pages. Use Facebook, twitter and LinkedIn as ways to get the word out about your new blog post. You already have networks of people interested in you, your company, your products, and your services – take advantage of that by announcing your new posts.
  4. Comment on other industry blogs. Submitting comments on other blogs helps you get outside your networks and gain exposure within your industry. Find other reputable blogs in your field and contribute substantive well-written comments and perspectives.

Blogging takes commitment and simply putting your material out there, hoping someone sees it, isn’t enough these days.  With at little promotional effort, you can expand your readership (and influence) exponentially!

Note:   To claim your blog on Technorati, first fill out the form you’ll find on your profile page. Then, check back on the progress and find your Verification Code. It’ll look something like this:  V2HXVRWZ72D3 Once you have your verification code, you’ll need to embed that code into a post (like I just did above).You’ll need to tell Technorati you’ve done this – so click the button “Verify Claim Token”.