In spite of its reputation as a haven for impersonal, solitary activity (think “web-surfing”), the Internet REALLY is a source of connection. Whether they admit it, or even realize it, website viewers need to feel a connection. If they don’t sense it, they won’t stick around.

But how do you make a website viewer feel at home? In large part, it’s a function of the visual and design.

For one thing, it literally puts a face on the company. Remember the late Victor Kiam (“I liked the shaver so much I bought the company”), former President & CEO of Remington Products? In the heyday of that ad campaign, you couldn’t see the name Remington without hearing his voice and that tagline in your head. Remington wasn’t a corporation, it was a non-descript businessman with a slightly nasal tone! Make sure readers know you’re not a soul-less corporation and that they’re connecting with real people. Include pictures and images reflecting the company, owner, employees and customers.

Then, of course, there is the subtle use of color, fonts and layout. Your website shouldn’t look home- made but you don’t want to come across as a Manhattan investment bank either. The happy medium is a professional-looking site that is pleasing to the eye (and brain) in terms of layout and flow. Part of this is a comfortable balance of written and visual messages. An imbalance between these two will be jarring to the subconscious and will prevent the personal connection.

So, this Thanksgiving, as you enjoy the warmth and company of family and friends, take a second to process what makes those connections so powerful. When you get back to the office on the 31st, call us while the afterglow is fresh in your mind. THAT’S the look and feel you need for your website and THAT’S what we can design for you!

Happy Thanksgiving from Blue Zenith Web Design!